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Winner Book of the Year
from the Independent Publisher's Group (IPPY)

Winner Nautilus Book Award

Women in Shadow and Light: Journeys from Abuse to Healing by Jan Goff-LaFontaine. Forty women—ages nineteen to ninety-five—bared all to express their triumph over trauma. In this daring approach, fine art black and white photography combines with moving interviews to portray the essence of each woman’s journey from the violence of abuse to transformation and healing. This is the most hope-filled book you will ever read about abuse and recovery.

Throughout my life I have carried tremendous shame and emotional pain around the physical abuse and rapes that happened to me from my childhood to my mid-twenties. At 52 years old, I still had not mustered the courage to address the abuse. When I discovered Jan's book Women in Shadow and Light, I couldn't put it down. A heavy lid cracked opened and tremendous emotion broke through. Feeling connected to the women in the book helped me realize I was not alone. This began my healing journey. This inspired book is a must-read for women survivors of abuse. Thank you, Jan, for this beautiful and powerful gift you have given us.—a reader in California

Jan Goff-LaFontaine’s came up with a revolutionary idea: that reconnecting abused women with their sense of beauty—achieved through fine art photography—would assist them in throwing off the shame that abuse so often causes. Goff-LaFontaine says, “Helping abused women rebuild their self-esteem, I have watched the wounded become healers. My new workshops utilize digital cameras to help abuse survivors find the beauty within themselves. I’ve discovered this method to be empowering and liberating for abuse survivors.”

"I’d like to hold out hope to other women…to let them know they aren’t alone; they aren’t the only ones these things happened to, and they can survive."—Ellie

Begun as a photography exhibit, Out of the Shadows, the project started in rural Door County, Wisconsin, but eventually led Goff-LaFontaine to subjects across the nation as she sought to complete Women in Shadow and Light. The subjects are women who have experienced every economic situation from homelessness to the champagne lifestyle; they span many ethnicities and ages; they are the famous—such as Laura Davis, co-author of Courage to Heal—to the obscure—like the “ordinary” 62-year-old farm wife who left her abusive marriage. Each woman helped create her portrait as a personal symbol of healing, often focusing on one aspect of her body she felt was most affected in the healing process.

Hardcover w/ dust jacket
10" x 8"; 160 pages
Creative Minds Press
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"Thank you for the work you do," Dr. Maya Angelou.

Jan was recently honored for her work assisting abused women. She was honored with the 2006 "Friend of Victims" by award by HELP of Door County (WI).

[A] compilation of powerful words and images that hit the reader kapow—right where they should, in the spirit. It's enough to send a person soaring.—Connie Gotsch, host of “Write On Four Corners,” KSJE

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"The interview was really the naked part for me; sharing that very vulnerable part of me was terrifying. The photograph was an integral part of the healing process. To have someone photograph me in beautiful surroundings, filled with lovely natural light, and interested in creating from my shape a beautiful composition. . . well, for the first time in years, I actually felt beautiful. When I look at the photograph I feel peaceful and strong."—Jeanne

Praise from Women's Support Providers and Other Helpers

Deborah Shepherd, Executive Director of the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NJCASA) called said she and her board “love the book…. Women in Shadow and Light is a beautiful, moving, and powerful testament to the courage of survivors everywhere."—NJCASA not only reviewed it in their newsletter, but purchased fifty copies for a fundraiser.

Many of the women in the project connected to each other through HELP of Door County, a domestic violence services agency. As photography exhibit Out of the Shadows and the subsequent book Women in Shadow and Light took on a life of their own, HELP’s life began to mirror the project’s life. We were led to look at our collective capacity for healing and hope and how women, who sought services from us, when they told us they were ready, could be invited to continue their journey into new places perhaps never dreamed of before."—Allin Walker, Director, HELP of Door County

"Getting abused women's stories out is crucial, because it helps victims begin to heal and rebuild self-esteem and encourages other to come forward to seek help. It's really important, what she's done here, and the marvelous photographs are a bonus," says Susan Rautine, who works part time as a counselor at a women's shelter in Monterey County. “The pictures show real women, rather than stylized versions of women or women as art forms or objects, she said. "I think that's why they work."—from the Monterey County Herald article, 4/12/05

"Thanks for the beautiful work.  I plan on getting several copies...one for my own desk and several to share with friends who will appreciate its beauty and the possibility of resurrection in their own lives."Maggie Wellert, who gave a sermon based on Women in Shadow and Light March 13, 2005 ("Do You Believe This?") at Sister Bay Moravian Church

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