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Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows is a traveling exhibition of forty black & white photographs by Jan Goff-LaFontaine, nationally exhibited and collected photographer, and published book author. This intimate photo essay is a celebration of the strength, courage, and beauty of women. Out of the Shadows portrays the healing journeys of women who are survivors of physical and sexual abuse, focusing on the connection we all have to each other as human beings.

The 16" x 20" (22 x 28 framed), toned gelatin silver images do not depict victimization, anger, or abuse, but rather the positive qualities of the human spirit. Goff-LaFontaine skillfully combines her images with text to reveal the physical essence of each woman's emotional and spiritual journey, out of violence and toward healing. The portraits express the visualization of each woman, brought to life by the photographer.

The collaboration between subject and photographer transcends the boundaries between artistic expression and our physical and cultural environment. Together they affirm the constructive link between the arts and everyday life in our global society, holding forth the power of art to heal. This exhibit offers more than the beautiful, well-executed prints; it reaches out to touch the people of your community in a way that goes beyond art appreciation.

A performance piece is available with this exhibit. The live performance at the Fairfield Art Museum of Out of the Shadows was professionally videotaped. Videos or CDs of this performance are available for use with the exhibit. In some cases, live performance may be possible. Please go to the contact page to fill out a request.. Out of the Shadows is available for display at museums beginning in 2005. In addition, Women in Shadow and Light, the book inspired by the exhibit, will be available in April 2005.

Grants from the Peninsula Arts Association, Wisconsin Arts Board and Lisa A. Cudahy Community Health Grant made Out of the Shadows possible. Many thanks to these great organizations for your assistance! 

Jan was recently honored for her work assisting abused women. *SEE PRESS RELEASE*

Out of the Shadows exhibits in 2003 and 2004:

Omega Institute’s Women and Power Conference
William Fairfield Art Museum
Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence Annual Convention
Door County Auditorium exhibit and performance
Barnsite Gallery exhibit and performance

See the Events Page for 2007 exhibits


"[T]he collaboration between abused women and sympathetic camera artist was more fruitful than the outside observer might have predicted.... The pain is palpable, the healing implicit in the photographic images.... The style of the big, well-done prints veers from symbolism to pictorialism, with many an intersection along the way, but is peculiarly well-adapted to its tragic yet redemptive subject matter."—James Auer, art critic for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"The pieces are stunning on their own. The natural coolness and contrasts of the (black and white) medium combined with the poses... is reminiscent of work by Annie Lebowitz or Richard Avedon."—Resorter Reporter

From The Leader : "fantastic and inspiring pieces." Read the whole article here






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