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Endorsements for Jan Goff-LaFontaine Seminars and Speaking Engagements

Seminar attendees write back these evaluations:

I would encourage anyone who is looking to do a similar event to raise awareness about violence against women or to encourage women’s voices to invite [Jan Goff-LaFontaine] for a similar event/forum. The presentation was very personal not only to our organization and the people attending the session but to the speaker, which made it real and easier to connect to. Each person in her project was someone she spent time with and got to know so the stories weren’t just stories but actual experiences that she was able to share with us.—attendee at the University of Pennsylvania Seminar


[Jan Goff-LaFontaine] was well-spoken, generous, and had a great presentation. I think the material presented beginning from the introduction of your sister who was affected, to general statistics, to stories of healing and the Q&A was paced wonderfully. It was very captivating throughout. That she’s a wonderful artist with a big heart and that all women of adolescent to middle age would benefit from this event.
—attendee at the Daytona Beach Community College Program


It [was] extremely powerful and inspiring. In fact Friday was the first time in over a year that I once again saw, literally, why I have a passion for this career [in providing abused women services]. I bought Jan's book and had a pleasant conversation with her about how her book can be a valuable resource since so much is learned from survivor's stories.
—attendee at the Aurora Health Care Seminar


"Your photography, and your approach to women, healing and life are remarkable and inspirational. I love your focus on the beauty and strength of woman who have been abused and assaulted. Such tragedies make it too easy for women to retreat and ask ‘why me?.’ But these injustices compel us to advocate and change the world, one person at a time. Through healing we find strength and pass it on, and your art highlights this beautifully. You are an inspiration to us all." V.D., attendee at the University of Pennsylvania Seminar


"My friend really need your book and hugged it tight. You change lives!" D.C., attendee at the University of Pennsylvania Seminar


From a health-care provider for abused women:

Wellness Center of Door County, Inc
October 26, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in support of Ms. Jan Goff-LaFontaine’s presentation based on her project, Out of the Shadows and her book titled Women in Shadow and Light Journeys from Abuse to Healing. I have watched this project grow from the early stages and recently invited Jan and Jeanne Kuhns to do a presentation at the WI Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association. The auditorium audience of nearly 100 was comprised of providers, ancillary staff, local and state policy administrators.

Their presentation is unique because of the content and their method of delivery. Jan’s ability to succinctly articulate the essence of this project captured on few simple yet powerful slides conveys the strength and beauty of the journeys of these women. Jeanne’s personal account of her involvement and her healing journey synergized by this project makes an indelible mark on the audience. Her speaking and singing voice resonates with incredible passion and emotion. Within a few minutes the entire audience is captivated by the presentation of these two women.

I think the following written comments from attendees best describe the reason why your organization needs to strongly consider their presentation:

“Jan shared the perspective of what it takes to develop a project of this significance; while Jeanne helps us all realize that we can’t just look at a person and determine what’s going on in an individual’s life….because of this I know I have a new sense of urgency to increase the public health efforts to help eliminate family violence.”

“We were so blessed with their presence. Their talents go beyond art, music and photography…they capture the despair, pain and humiliation of abuse/assault while at the same time the promise of healing and wholeness. Jeanne’s willingness to share her personal story brings it all home!”

“The process of the healing taking place in the women……was so very moving. I wanted every woman to be able to experience this presentation.”

There are no gruesome details about what these women physically experienced; the emphasis is on their journey to healing. This is a story that needs to be conveyed and your organization is an important avenue for this information to be disseminated to men and women across our country.
If you need further information about the impact of this work or their delivery, please feel free to contact me. They have what it takes to do this presentation to an audience no matter what the size or socioeconomic status. Their voices need to be heard by your members and I am confident that your expectations will be exceeded by inviting them to speak at your next meeting.


Michele Geiger-Bronsky MSN, APNP, BC
Executive Director/Nurse Practitioner
Wellness Center of Door County, Inc


For over three decades I have spent my professional life working with others to achieve equality for women on campus and beyond. Unfortunately much of this work requires addressing violence against women After attending a campus workshop by Jan Goff-LaFontaine, based on her book Women in Shadow and Light. I was taken by the impact it had on the students and the power of the presentation on me and other professionals. Jan Goff-LaFontaine’s refreshing and open style created a special environment where a diverse group of students could ask many questions, engage each other in dialogue, increase their desire to learn more and prepare to take action to end violence in women’s lives.

This book and its workshop contributes to our understanding of the devastating impact of the many forms of abuse that women endure and more importantly of the inextinguishable light inside each woman as she conquers her fears and finds hope and healing.

Through their own words, with Jan Goff LaFontaine’s poignant commentary and the accompanying photo’s, we learn how diverse groups of women stepped out of the shadows of their past abuse into the light of their present power. This book/workshop reminds us that shadows can only be cast if illumination is present. And we learn how a flicker of light can set a fire that frees each woman’s indestructible spirit from a painful past and creates an enduring hope for the future.

This is a book/workshop for everyone. For survivors, for those who love survivors, for those who seek to help survivors and for those who wonder about the strength, beauty and power of women healing ourselves and helping each other. Women in Shadow and Light provides a much needed contemporary and engaging view of violence against women from the perspective of women’s strength. This is a radiant portrayal of different women’s journey from pain to power.

I wholeheartedly endorse this program and encourage others to bring this program to your campus.—Elena Marie DiLapi, LSW, QCSW Director, University of Pennsylvania Women’s Center


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